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Domain Names Explained

What is a domain name?

An Internet domain name is a web address that you can purchase for your web site. A domain name provides an online identity and a contact point for your business, organization, or project. Almost every transaction on the Internet relies on a domain name to conduct commerce, display Web pages, deliver e-mail, and more.

Which domain name extension should I pick?

Originally, .com extensions were intended for commercial ventures, while .net's were intended for use by Internet Service Providers and .org's by non-profit organizations or groups. This original classification is no longer accurate, and anybody can register a domain name with those extensions.

How can I know if a domain name is available?

Websites that offer this service are listed below.

Can I use a "dot com"?

Anyone can buy the domain name of their choice, as long as it is available. If you trade internationally, or wish to offer your services to an international market, a .com domain name is most appropriate.

How do I register a domain name?

The actual process of registering a domain name is about as simple as going to a web site, indicating the domain name you want, and paying the registration fee. We can administrate a domain name on your behalf. Should you buy a domain name, be mindful that all domain names expire. Your registrar will inform you of your domain name’s expiration date and when it is up for renewal.

Does having a “dot com” mean that I have a website?

No, it does not. Having a domain name only means that you own a domain name. You will need a hosting provider, which we provide as a service to you in all our integrated eCommerce solutions.