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New Zealand and UK eway Payment Gateway modules now supported.
Paypal integration now supported.
Promotions manager interface has been improved.
Square integration now supported.
Afterpay integration now supported.

Payment Gateways

1) Offline.
The order is accepted via a 128bit SSL encrypted payment form. The merchant is emailed notification as soon as iNETstore receives an order. The merchant then logs onto their secure web site to receive details of the order. From this the credit card can then be processed manually offline using an EFTPOS terminal.

2) Real time or Online.
The order is accepted via a 128bit SSL encrypted payment form. The credit card number is passed securely to a payment gateway to verify that the funds are available. The credit card is processed in real time. The merchant is notified of the order and whether the transaction was successful or not.

3) Paypal.
To enable paypal all you require is your Paypal account details and your Paypal email address. Paypal usually does not charge a monthly fee but charges a commission on your sales. This is perfect for start-ups.

4) Paymate.
To enable Paymate again, all you require is your Paymate account ID. You can obtain this on the Paymate website when setting up a Paymate account. At time of writing, Paymate normally does not charge a monthly fee and only charges a commission on sales. This is again perfect for start-up, as there is no huge up-front monthly fee as with bank merchant facilities.

5) Worldpay.
Worldpay is useful if you wish to accept current payments in overseas currencies, eg. UK Pounds, US dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen etc. Worldpay handles all the backend for overseas transactions. You need to set up a Worldpay account. Worldpay normally charges a monthly fee and setup fee to establish an account. Once you have the Worldpay account details, you can easily enable this functionality on our system.

6) eWay.
eWay is another great cost-effective solution and supports Australian, UK and New Zealand currencies. It usually requires a bank merchant facility and charges a monthly fee. It is easy to setup on our system.

6) Direct Debit.
Direct Debit is useful if you want to accept payments by bank deposit. This feature can easily be enabled on our system and is very easy to setup.

Multiple Currency Support

Our support of the Payment Gateways Paypal, Paymate, eWay and Worldpay even allows you to accept payment in many different international currencies no matter where your company is based. The proceeds of the transaction can be deposited into your account of choice anywhere in the world. Exact setup structure is setup by your own requirements. You must consult support consultant or read the manual to understand the exact configuration options.

If you're a payment gateway and you'd like to be supported on our system, please contact us.

Fee-Free Support

iNETstore does not charge extra to enable the support of Payment Gateways on our system. All modules are available for the same fee and are included in our packages. However, you will be liable for any third-party fee such as Paypal, Paymate, bank fees or other Gateway Provider fees.

Custom Modules

We also have the ability to setup custom Payment Gateways. Our custom Payment Gateway module allows the setup of your own Payment Gateways. This custom Payment Gateway functionality however is only supported on the premium edition.

Supported Payment Gateways

The following payment gatways are fully integrated into iNETstore. This means that you just have to type an account id provided by one of these gateways into a field and you are ready for real time payments. It literally could not be easier!

Supported Gateways:

128 bit ssl
worldpay WorldPay
dialect solutions Dialect Solutions
ewayAUS eway australiaeWAY
ewayUK eway ukeWAY
ewayNZ eway nzeWAY
authorize.net Authorize.Net
paypal Paypal
paymate Paymate