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New Zealand and UK eway Payment Gateway modules now supported.
Paypal integration now supported.
Promotions manager interface has been improved.
Square integration now supported.
Afterpay integration now supported.

Plan Highlights

focus on the business, not technology
Focus on the business not technology Our system is built from the ground up with pragmatic business owners in mind - people who need to be able to make changes themselves without having to go back to web developers all the time. You can maintain the inventory on the web-based management tool, or via an MS Access database. Your content can be edited from anywhere in the world using a web-based HTML editor included with the system. The inclusion of a built in promotions manager, and the ability to link to a mailing list means that you can effectively use the system to keep in touch with your customers. You can even use the content manager to build and post newsletters on a regular basis.
stable and proven solution
stable and proven solution The iNETstore software has been developed by experts who have been working on ecommerce from its infancy. It is based on tested and proven technology. We are now on the 8th version, and thousands of stores have been created since this technology's inception.
flexible yet easy to use
fexible yet easy to use Many other solutions limit you to templates or some narrow range of variations... not so with iNETstore. If you are after a simple site, you may choose the ease of setup provided by prebuilt templates, or even our basic yet flexible 'simple design mode'. If however you are an intermediate or advanced user, and know some HTML; you can take advantage of the intermediate or advanced design modes to design great stores tailored exactly to your needs. These modes give fine-grained control over HTML, CSS, graphics, and javascripts.
inexpensive and affordable
inexpensive and affordable iNETstore won't break your bank balance. A full high quality site with domain name, hosting, email, and paypal or paymate to accept payments can cost less than $500. Most tasks can be DIY, so your costs are kept low. If you find a less expensive, yet similarly feature-rich software solution - let us know. We doubt you'll find one.
comprehensive and feature rich
comprehensive and feature rich To help you get the most out of your online store - an ecommerce solution should include more than just catalogue display and checkout. iNETstore gives you powerful tools to manage your inventory and your customers. Additional features allow you to go further - giving you the flexibility to do things such as create customer categories with different price levels, and to configure seasonal promotional prices and cross or up-sell marketing promotions within the catalogue.
search engine optimized
search engine optimized The core iNETstore system is designed to be search engine friendly and so provides a solid foundation for your own search engine optimisation efforts. SEO needs to be an ongoing part of your marketing strategy, and iNETstore ensures that your content is widely indexable so that your fine-tuning efforts will pay off.
flexible comprehensive payment options
flexible comprehensive payment options The Payment Gateway is a one stop payment gateway that supports multiple providers. Integrated with eWay to provide you with real-time credit card clearing capabilities, as well as secure EFTPOS transactions using 128bit SSL encryption, the payment gateway system helps you to take secure online orders. Fees to third party providers such as banks, paypal, dialect, eway are not included in the annual fees.